You can fuel your very own paradigm shift with private coaching or a powerful new women’s inspired leadership group or both! It’s time for you to finally get the kind of support to equip you to come from your true potential instead of your conditioned, limited mind frame and default patterns that have been running you (without your full awareness). From my deepest heart, I know it’s possible for you to liberate a deeper joy, pragmatic effectiveness and create a life that has you waking up inspired and falling asleep grateful. A new client recently celebrated “I’m a totally different person.” :-)

Do you hear it? That life force calling you, maybe a whisper, maybe a restlessness, maybe something not wanting you to keep trying harder with old success formulas.  And a longing to connect with authentic support, to feel gotten, and have eye-opening, heart-arousing, butt-kicking championing to flourish in synch with who you are meant to be now and emerging!

The time has come for us to gather our strength, wisdom and grace and truly BE the change. 

What happens when we don’t listen to our (optimized, updated) inner guidance system?

We feel lost. We fake not feeling lost.

We try harder to succeed with the old programming still running most of the world. Because it appears everyone else is using those maps and hawking all kinds of new packaging to help you make millions, manifest the perfect mate, have whiter teeth, wrinkle free foreheads, fabulous quarterly forecasts, a bigger social media following, better employee survey scores, thinner thighs and fatter bottom lines.

Where are you?

Where are you headed?

What is running you?

How are you really feeling?

Who are you?

Why are you here?

If you want a mastermind group that will give you tips for striving to achieve faster smarter in an outdated patriarchal paradigm, this is not that. :-) If, however, you are willing to dive deep and reach higher for the amazing alchemy possible, and have fun with a curated cohort that shall rise and shine as a new breed of leadership for our time, then let's connect. We need you and you need us! 

"We have no idea what's possible when we tap into our true power. Imagine gaining a new kind of courage to take leaps from infinite potential for inspired imperatives (and it really helps if we hold hands)."  - Marian Baker

"We have no idea what's possible when we tap into our true power. Imagine gaining a new kind of courage to take leaps from infinite potential for inspired imperatives (and it really helps if we hold hands)." - Marian Baker

Now what? 

If you are curious and this calls to you, let's talk! We are co-creating this with you, and will claim a meeting date soon. Are you meant to be there?


Leaders for Our Vital Evolution. There's a new way calling us forward.


It all starts with an infinite source of powerful Love fueling You. What if that is your most important job?

Imagine your 2020 Visioning! What if this could be the best year of your life with the kind of support

and community to finally unleash your greatest potential- the unique gifts only you bring-

and experience the joy of being part of something much greater ? 


Please contact if you are curious. 

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Like man's discovery of fire...
We are here NOW, not to bring tips and techniques or buzzword band-aids into the business world, but to wake up the True Power within
that has been denied access (and is dying to come out to play). 

As New Paradigm Leaders... we get to realize our most important job 

is not to keep trying harder to be good Achievers for shareholder return 

but to return to the ultimate source of sustainable wealth 

and become Alchemists of the Infinite Potential

inside every human being (thus impact a whole ecosystem of stakeholders, future generations,
game-changing innovations, and beyond what we can imagine in our current thinking). 

We are here to recognize where the precious gold really is. 

To uncover so much genius to be mined and mobilized. 

We get to notice where our attention gets derailed 

(defaulting toward outdated ways) and choose to co-create the new world!  

 We are here to ignite a revolution of abiding Joy* and vital prosperity.  

Starting inside yourself. 

* J.O.Y= Journey Of You (that creates Joy in you and for the world).


 Waking Up Inspired in your real power and
new paradigm leadership & success




The time has come for us to wake up to who we really are
and live up to what we are here for. 


The only way to be the change for the new world
we get to create now is to commit to mastering
the energy of our own inner world. 


Chances are, there are many ways you are trying to be happy and successful
(and make the world better) that are ironically getting in the way of a greater possibility
(beyond what the old/ current paradigm can construct or imagine).  


The most important relationship of your entire existence
is one that our culture rarely allows airtime.  


Your most important job is probably not what you think either.  


Your angst or restlessness or longing for something in spite of all kinds of material wealth or societal success or such is not a sign that something’s wrong with you. It’s an invitation for something wanting to emerge through you.
This is great news, not a problem.


The most important relationship to cultivate and be nourished by is with the infinite source of your being.
This is the Love of your life. This is where your Real Power is waiting.
And there’s a deeper connection and greater power than we thought we had already tapped into.


Your most important job is to notice where your attention is and what you are choosing to create and experience.


We are birthing a new paradigm.

You are here to discover the joy of this mission and join the party.

I am here to call you forth and midwife this with you.