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Upstairs Lounge

Imagine our Pause Pub upstairs lounge as a conscious, inspired space for clinking glasses to exchange celebrations and gratitudes, or a deep conversation in a quiet corner, and maybe art, poetry, open mic, dance and other embodied movement, meditation D.J., (I’ve done this hosting phone meditation groups choosing various audios), mindfulness potluck, thought-provoking movie nights, special guests and whatever else wants to emerge. There’s something so delicious about the combo platter of ancient wisdom, sacred, silent stillness AND joyful, sparkly fun, new paradigm-opening conversations, movement and laughter. (Even the juxtaposition of this ancient statue (took this pic after a long meditation sit at an art museum) with modern party toasting makes me smile. You get the idea, hmm? Ok, so this intention might be ambitious, but totally possible and fun (virtually and future live gatherings, and create-your-own wherever you are, too). I’m also chuckling and how busy everyone may be, including me, so another moment to breathe, let go and see what happens. :-) We can definitely start with a gratitude party; check this out:

Pause to Clink! Tap into gratitude & celebration


Gratitude Practice

Imagine us meeting in the pub. We both have glasses in front of us (water, kombucha, whatever- it’s not about alcohol at all!) The invitation is to raise your glass and share something you’d like to celebrate or be grateful about. We each take a turn and clink. That’s a daily gratitude practice I’ve been doing for decades, no kidding.

The essence of this habit is to pause and find things to celebrate and/or express gratitude. You can go as along as you wish. You don’t need anyone else (although it’s always fun when someone is willing to play). You can raise a glass and toast to the sky, sunset, or whatever. You can say these out loud to yourself (or a carpool friend) on your commute.

Other smart Gratitude habits:

  • Share with a buddy three things you are grateful for that day (text, call, whatever is easy and you actually do is best).

  • Write daily (e.g. end of day) three things you are celebrating/grateful for.

  • As your head hits the pillow, “count your blessings instead of sheep.” (I often start with recalling that morning and run through the entire day- I’m grateful for X, I’m grateful for Y… until I hit, I’m grateful for being in the comfy bed and falling asleep.) I wonder what the neuroplasticity impact of that is vs. a default of falling asleep feeling like you didn’t get enough done or other accidentally self-sabotaging complaints. What you focus on expands, so choose well, dear friends.

What’s the point?

Research on the many benefits of Gratitude is mounting. A simple way to view this is What you appreciate appreciates. Mindfulness is about where your attention goes. Another bumper sticker phrase is Where your attention goes, energy flows.

  • Research on “side effects” of Gratitude (workplace context):

    • higher levels of life satisfaction and optimism

    • greater energy and connections with other people.

    • productive and happy people within an organization.

    • improve one’s physical health and functioning, positive changes in cardiovascular and immune system

    • reducing stress and consequent related healthcare costs

    • help one adapt to life’s challenges, reduce resentment and increase acceptance, thus lead to positive organizational outcomes.

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Lastly, it feels good. Do we really need 10,000 white papers to get our attention about this natural gift we can easily give ourselves and be a person that’s more fun and engaging positive fuel to be around? What do you think?

A Quiet Corner, Mindful Journaling:


Perhaps the first “deep conversation in a quiet corner” you enjoy here in the upstairs lounge is with yourself.

Here are a few powerful questions to get you started or inspire your own just right inquiries to pause and let new ways of writing become another profound path to becoming your best self.

  • What might keep me from pausing and listening more than I have been?

  • What have I been avoiding? What have I been denying?

  • What is a true desire of my deepest heart? What is wanting to emerge or express through me?

  • What does my soul really want for me? How could I let my soul soar?

  • What is mine to do now? What is a step; just the next right move for my highest good?

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