You're invited to PAUSE between holidays. Give yourself this gift and become a gift to others.

Between holidays is a perfect time to PAUSE. It's also wonderful to be able to pause together to meditate and fuel each other's greater potential.

Dear LinkedIn Friends,

You are cordially invited to a new Inspired Leadership PAUSE PUB gathering (30 mins, phone, come as you are at your convenience and comfort, no cost) to learn, renew or deepen a smart Hit the Pause Button (meditation) practice, thus fuel your inspired, best self. 


Tis the season to receive and give. Give yourself these 30 minutes of smart fuel. Your presence showing up here makes a difference, too. This might be the best gift I could share and one of the best investments of your precious time and energy. Hit the Pause Button with us to:

-Reboot what may be running you; learn how to manage your own shift from your (unrealized limitations and unintended self-sabotage) default inner “programming” to inspired, authentic best-self flow, fulfillment and growth. 

-Gain skills in daily resilience.

Optional “living room” discussion after our meditation Pause to:

 -Celebrate & gain wisdom from 2018.

-Begin to create 2019 as a paradigm shift of the kind of success you really want.

-Open discussion as inspired in the moment, tbd 

 Join us. Give yourself this greatest gift and become a greater gift to who and what you care about most.

Thursday December 27

9am Pacific/ 11am Central/ 12 Eastern

9-9:30 Welcome, Guided PAUSE meditation

9:30 Optional virtual living room gathering/ discussion

If you can't make it live, you can still rsvp by clicking HERE to receive the recording and future invitations. 

In the meantime, here are proactive stress prevention holiday Pause tools/ free audios

I hope your holidays are filled with wonderful pauses of various flavors. 



From quiet reflection will come even more effective action. - Peter Drucker

Cutting back on meditation in times of stress is about the dumbest thing you can do. I’m convinced that mediation is one of the best investments an organization’s leaders can make. – Director, Recruitment & Training