How could we "re-source"​ humans for the new evolution of human resources?


I was invited to speak for a human resource society, and while reviewing stats about leadership crisis and workplace culture trends, I had an ahaa moment-- "Oh, we need to Re-Source the humans." :-)

So, how do we renew the smart fuel for people to be able to come from their best potential rather than the default of stress, 87% disengagement and every day distraction?

1) Useful wisdom from Mindful Workplace Month. This week: Focus in a distracted world from Sarah Kai Stowers

2) This is a huge topic, with many possible solutions. I'm going to pick one thing for today. Imagine if we could change just one thing, to be a lead domino with game-changing impact across many lives and bottom lines... what might you pick? (I usually say "hit the pause button" or something about inner human operating system upgrades as the root cause to every desired business outcome.)

However, in this moment, I'm noticing kind in the word humankind.

What if we picked that as the one thing? We could be kind.

I was moved by a share (posted by Oleg Vishnepolsky) that led me to find this video of a father who shaves his head to be "just like" his 6-year-old daughter.

This transported me to a moment when my best friend in the whole world, my brother, called me with a trembling voice, telling me that all his hair had just fallen out all at once in the shower. We were at the National Institute of Health, in a miracle-cure clinical trial for his stage-four cancer. I had just found a moment where I could leave him and take a break. I had walked across campus and through a few buildings and up stairways to find this meditation room. I was just about to sit and exhale when my phone rang. I wished I had a jetpack or flying car to reach him (maybe Elon Musk or Google are working on that). With trembling hands I grabbed the shaver a friend had sent “just in case” and did my best to remove the remaining clumps so he could be handsome with his new Bruce Willis look. He died not long after this. We never know when it might be our last chance to be in the moment with someone, do we? Let that be one more real gift to you with this mindfulness stuff.

So, what's all this daddy-daughter, brotherly love have to do with hard core business demands?

It's been said that all business boils down to human relationships.

I’ll let you and the kind of human you want to be decide about the relevance of compassion and commerce.

Sometimes the most important thing for the best possible outcomes is to meditate. Sometimes it’s to be there for someone else.

Playful mindfulness challenge this week:

Be more aware of how you can be there for others. Let the essence of this dad shaving his head inspire you for how you get to show up with your co-workers. It doesn’t need to be that extreme of course! Imagine that kind of empathy and solidarity conveyed somehow. Maybe just how you smile and make eye contact while passing or greeting someone can make an impact. How might you be with others in a way that has them feel less “other“ (like the bald 6 yr old girl) and more included or understood? Everyone has a longing for belonging. Have fun with this!

Well, we might as well finish this off with a song- We Can Be Kind “We can remember that deep down inside we all need the same thing.”

p.s. That's my brother, Stuart in the pic (& baby daughter just before he died). He'd want you to have lots of fun, be good to each other, keep having each other's backs, want everyone to have a great time, go for high-achiever goals at work, then throw a party to celebrate. And he'd definitely want you to go for the good champagne, not the cheap stuff. Cheers.