What is the message for him if I play messenger/ typist here?


The message for Sir Howard is this.


Howard, You are at the precipice. You must stay connected to your heart and not be swept up in the cacophony of clowns that will try to cajole and seduce and delight you. They will be clever. Beware. We are not here to scare you or make you ridiculously paranoid. Let's supplant you with the strength and fortitude and courage and righteousness that is necessary at this time. You know this in your deepest core that has moved you into this spot. And it is not a guarantee that you will not be tempted or fall from Grace. This is the time to shore up your inner center and be the mighty tree that can bend to and frough, not break, not freak out, not runaway, not falsify anything for the sake of gold bangles and trumpets in the courtyard of public applause. Howard, you are here to be a trumpeter yourself of Truth. What is this Truth we speak of? This is a Truth that lives inside of your heart and connects to the heartbeat of our global human condition. Breathe deeply in and feel this in your chest. Exhale and let this expand. It is not a written statement of set of principles so much as a living, breathing, flowing un-nameable force. This is the leadership we sorely need, my dear. This is your covenant with this lifetime. You will need help. You will want to find your brothers and knights of the round table with you. You will carry your father’s pain into a new glory that resurrects many more lives into wholeness, into a chance for dignity and laughter restored the way it should be, could be.


Imagine if we could talk with Howard directly… Howard- how are you feeling? What do you need?


H: I am feeling pressed and pressured. So much to do!!! Crap. I’m also feeling excited and hopeful and curious and wanting to do this, go for it, like we can get this ship turned around damn it. We cannot let this nuttiness go on. It’s possible to change things and return the American Dream to a NEW Story that actually does work. I am feeling ready. I am feeling a little scared, but more like top of roller coaster, let’s go than petrified. I want to keep moving. What I need is a team I can really trust and allies and some time, too. Some time for me to clear my head and stop the treadmill for a while and slow down and think. I need some space to breathe and not do. To fill up with this Truth and remember why I am in this. I feel a little bit lonely at times, as much as I don’t want to admit that. The cliché is true. I want to not be pestered by reporters asking the same questions. I want to float in water for a while and regain my Self volition.


Is there anything I am here for, to serve H or the mission well?? Why am I pointed to him now?


M, your role is to remind him of his own Truth and how to find it and reground in this over and over. He is not seeking anything like this so he may not see the value or feel bothered by this rather than invited or gifted. Let that be his own discovery. What would be good to hear from you at this time is that he is indeed a trumpeter of Truth and be open to ways to serve the mission that he has not seen yet. May not be public office. May be a whole new paradigm that we don’t know of or have not fully imagined yet. This is possible.


What does he need to let go of (to allow the mission/ visioning/calling to flourish)?


He needs to let go of pride. Buried pride and false pride on the surface. They are linked.

He needs to let go of pleasing (subconscious, accidental, insidious old pattern). This is especially important in the new phase. He needs to let go of (something about housing or being home bound or attached to a certain home/ home base?) Maybe letting go of living/ being based out of a certain home and being free, untethered, citizen of the world type…


What does he need to embrace/ own/claim more?


He needs to claim his scepter. Let go of the warrior sword of trying and performing and pick up this new scepter of the new rule of law. Claim his crown of humility and determination and quiet power…elegance instead of efforting. He needs to claim TRUST in the sacred Truth that can guide his every step. This is his best power source and safety. It will appear otherwise in the crowded, noisy marketplace, so this is crucial to remember.


Anything else- final message for today?


The final message for today is Rest. Get some rest. Take time. Do not dismiss this as lazy or weak. It is the opposite. Do you want to come from being the efforting boy or become the new servant leader of keys to the kingdom we all need now? This requires quiet still space and listening for what wants to move and express through you. Honor this contract and you will celebrate the days of freedom from the tyranny inside and all around. You will master the waves and be able to point the way for so many lost souls. You are not alone. You are surrounded by millions of supporters in realms beyond the mind. J  Let the dance begin. But take a nap first. Ha.



Like man's discovery of fire...
We are here NOW, not to bring tips and techniques or buzzword band-aids into the business world, but to wake up the True Power within
that has been denied access (and is dying to come out to play). 

As New Paradigm Leaders... we get to realize our most important job 

is not to keep trying harder to be good Achievers for shareholder return 

but to return to the ultimate source of sustainable wealth 

and become Alchemists of the Infinite Potential inside every human being

(thus impact a whole ecosystem of stakeholders, future generations, game-changing innovations, and beyond what we can imagine in our current thinking). 

We are here to recognize where the precious gold really is. 

To uncover so much genius to be mined and mobilized. 

We get to notice where our attention gets derailed 

(defaulting toward old paradigm, outdated ways) and choose to co-create the new world!  

 We are here to ignite a revolution of abiding Joy* and vital prosperity.  

Starting inside yourself. 

* J.O.Y= Journey Of You (that creates Joy in you and for the world).