When Gandhi was asked, "How on earth did you free a nation from the most powerful empire at the time, without ever firing a shot?" his response was,
"I emptied myself and became an instrument." 


HIT THE PAUSE BUTTON: SMART Fuel for your Mission

Meditation Tuesdays 11:30am (30 mins)
optional "breaking bread" together lunch break, Noonish 

Dear Impact Hub Friends, 

We all want to succeed at our mission, whether that's be the change or just have an enjoyable, productive day, right? :) 

What if your most important job is not what you think it is?

What if there is one game-changing question that is the root cause of all of your desired outer outcomes and even greater possibilities? What if there's a paradox of letting go and "emptying" in order to accomplish what you really want? I've been humbled at the deeper layers of human conditioning hiding inside myself, clients and colleagues. We've been cracked open more to appreciate the hidden gifts and revelations we discover when we are wiling to hit the pause button in the effective, efficient ways. I am ever more excited about how to liberate our greater potential, coming from the right channel of inspired power. 

Imagine a new I.T. [Inner Technology], upgrading your inner operating system/ human programming, equipping you with a whole new ability for relating to everything that shows up in your path (inner and outer!). Then, in each meeting, email, etc., you can flow effectively from inspired RESPONSE-AGILITY.

Do you need to hit the pause button?

Who doesn’t? Let’s be smart and have fun doing this together. 

After 20+ years privilege of working in leadership development with executives and entrepreneurs, fueled by a delicious obsession with what it really really takes to optimize human potential and flourish with passion meets profit, I have a profound appreciation for tools that actually do make a difference. A smart Hit the Pause Button practice, enhancing your skills of inner energy mastery is vital. A no-brainer for your mind :-)

It’s not just about getting busy people to relax. It’s much more about that root cause (or derailment) of your fulfillment, and optimal possibilities for your work flow and all of the lives you touch, maybe for generations to come. 

You are the common denominator in everything that happens in your life and business. Addressing what's happening inside of you is the only way to truly transform what you experience on the outside. –The Hendricks Institute

What if we could tell you that there is a way to be free from the ties that bind your genius from taking flight. What if we could give you a magic exilir to open your creativity, ability to play well with others, and receive inspired ideas just when you need them most?

The buzz about meditation has moved from the ashram and athletes to top business leadership and workplace culture. New studies reveal benefits including 120% rise in productivity, and 520% increase in profit after having employees meditate twice daily. 

"An increasing number of tech moguls swear by meditation as
the key to their success." – Business Insider

The lists go on, prompting journalists to call it the miracle cure for every aspect of life. If we could package mediation into a little pill, the label might read: 

reduce stress, better health, improve concentration, clearer thinking, boost creativity and performance, enhance communication and cooperation of teams, optimize left-brain-right brain integration, clarity, focus, feeling grounded and inspired sense of purpose, ability to think innovatively, productive flow, being in a positive zone for optimal work process and enjoying the day, ability to not be triggered by things, gain mastery over your emotions, strengthen immune system, reduce pain, reverse disease, improve personal and professional relationships, increase in other people wanting to support you and what you are up to, less fear, doubt or limiting thoughts, increased patience, calm, be happier, gain self-acceptance and confidence, fuel being a better friend, partner, leader, colleague, lover of life and inspired, conscious global citizen- contributing to positive evolution of all beings everywhere. :-)

There is a deep well within you. There are also hidden, mostly subconscious bugs in your system trying to hijack your choices. If you don't gain mastery over this inner cast of characters, you'll never flourish in the greater joy and prosperity that's actually available.


  Who might be in there, trying to run the show? 

Who might be in there, trying to run the show? 

  What superpowers would you love to be coming from more often? 

What superpowers would you love to be coming from more often? 


      What do you really want to empower?

      Hit the Pause Button with us to:

  • Connect to your true Power Source and infinite potential, no kidding. 
  • Connect with community in an easy, efficient way to drop in and reboot.
  • Unplug from your device & desk to optimize what you really want to achieve!


Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space lies our freedom and power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom. 
-Viktor Frankl


Nothing can be more important than being able to choose the way we think. 
Eknath Easwaran


We get to create a whole new way of inspired leadership, reinventing success for the 21st century. If you really knew you could not fail- that you are limitless, powerful, masterful, infinite consciousness…

What would be possible?


About your Hit the Pause Button Guide: 

Marian has been meditating and studying inner energy mastery "technologies" for decades. She's newly moved to Berkeley and is delightfully committed to transforming how we create sustainable, fulfilling success, with an integrative business model of inner peace, infinite potential and outer performance.  

Named one of 50 top executive coaches in America, she’s committed to ever-evolving practices to fuel human potential, and help clients wake up inspired, fall asleep grateful, and become a new kind of inspired leadership for the lives we really want to create.  Her new Inspired Leadership Lab brings in the best modalities for upgrading your inner operating system, premium-fueled effectiveness, and real joy & prosperity for conscious business growth. 

She’s inspired audiences at places like Google, Kellogg, University of Chicago, Conscious Business Network, and other leadership conferences. She’s the award-winning author of Wake Up Inspired - Fuel Healthier Success and Love the Life You're Meant to Lead and has been featured on ABC-TV, The Chicago Tribune, Health magazine and more.

Clients say “She has the mind of a CEO and nature of a yogi. Her clarity and spiritual maturity are remarkable."

Her integrative business model is inspired by the privilege of working with accomplished leaders since 1996, and study with today's brightest game changers. She’s coauthor of the Awakening Corporate Soul: High Performance, High Fulfillment workbook. Called the Queen of Powerful Questions by a leader of Coaches Training Institute, Marian loves this work, admires her clients and falls asleep grateful these days in Berkeley Hills. 


Conscious business magazine article, Inspired Leadership Lab tools:


 Meet Marian

Meet Marian