What if you could make 2019 a leap year into your real joy and a whole new paradigm of inspired leadership?

Don’t let typical new year goal setting rob you of the real gift of this time!

  • DO back up and pause wisely before setting intentions that might still be coming from old programming rather than your true potential (like a master pole vaulter backing up to clear the higher bar of your true desires and possibilities you don’t even know of yet).

  • This new 6-module process is the best version of a new year onramp I’ve ever been inspired to create (after 20+ years coaching, learning, evolving).

Resolutions often fail

…… because they stem from guilt, or something we want to correct. Do you ever feel like a Year End Gorilla comes in to sit on your chest, pointing out various “not enoughs” and how the year has not measured up? Or maybe a complacency sets in with “good enoughs” becoming the enemy of your best potential joy, prosperity, impact, and feeling lucky to get to live the life you do.  

I want you to be waking up inspired and falling asleep proud & grateful.  

Resolutions generally don’t work because they come from “should” energy and we expect to accomplish something with more focus and discipline. What does work is mining more deeply for the right inspiration, and then smart set up and support.  

I’ve seen the power of clients really pausing to assess their life, livelihood and leadership, dive deeper into what’s running them from their “inner board of directors” and consciously create new intentions coming from a very different energy. They are celebrating…

… feeling genuinely excited about the next chapter of life and new livelihood
choices (rather than previously feeling stuck, unfulfilled and fearful of change).

…turning the corner on claiming more space to feed her own spirit, well-being, self-awareness,
emotional resilience, sustainable, smart self-care and feedback on her leadership having
a more positive impact with less hours and stress for her!

... significant progress in professional relationships, and pleasantly surprised to realize that
he’s enjoying the “best work experience ever” on his way to leaving a legacy that will
fill his heart and mind with gratitude and pride.

What would YOU love to be celebrating by the end of 2019?

  • Don’t deny yourself (and others you interact with) this gift.

  • Don’t let the default of typical goal-setting steer you toward critical energy, such as “What’s wrong that I need to fix?”

2019 feels like a potent year for a new paradigm of growth to emerge for many leaders feeling a calling or healthy restlessness that something wants to change.

How are you feeling about going into this new year?
You might sense not wanting to just stay in business as usual, yet not know what the next phase promises. It might feel weird, exciting, scary, confusing, and inviting you to wake up to a new way of being and doing. Maybe you’ve had the rug pulled out from under you in the past or felt betrayed somehow, (or other bugs in your subtle sabotage programming) so a subconscious protective part of you inhibits you from going for the next level of potential fulfillment and impact you are meant to enjoy. I’m fascinated with what it really takes to let go of old success formulas and false beliefs hiding in your inner programming trying to run you and upgrade into the best possibilities available, if you only could open those secret gates. 😊

This is possible. And it’s time.

I’ve come out of my own shattered to shining sort of alchemy growth; kicked off with brother’s death 6 years ago, then big life change move to California, felt top of game & best ever life bliss for a couple years, then a shocking catalyst and a consciously chosen sabbatical to pause (2015) and take a deeper dive into inner alchemy work of upgrading old programming I didn’t know was lurking in there. Now, I appreciate the gifts from this whole experience and I’m so excited to be able to come from a new depth of strength, humility, presence and ability to serve as an alchemy midwife for my clients’ greater potential in ways I could not bring if I had not gone through that fire. I have a grateful full belly of working with new clients and a humbling confidence in a goldmine of gifts to share through me. You don’t need to feel shattered to end up shining. I think we can midwife your emerging self by choice and some willingness to step beyond your comfort zones in saying yes to the call of your evolving future self.

With this 6-module program we’ll work together and
discover how we can access our real power
and finally find our wings!

module 6 (1).png

(Or 3 Payments of just $319)

When you enroll in this coaching group you’ll receive a thank-you confirmation email with details about the weekly modules.

If you are interested in the 3-payment option…
please email brenda@marianbaker.com and she will get you all set up!


This 6 Week [6-module] Program includes:

  • Weekly 1-hour (plus 15-30 min. optional discussion, etc.) group coaching/training calls + RECORDINGS

    • Calls take place on: 2/6, 2/13, 2/20, 2/27, 3/6 & 3/13 at 5 PM PST)

  • Two [30-minute] private coaching calls with Marian {one kickoff at the beginning of 6 weeks and one wrap-up at the end of program} Normal executive leadership engagement with Marian is $25,000 for a 9-12 month program, so this is an opportunity for one-on-one support at a fraction of regular fees.

  • Weekly resources & support materials

  • Bonus materials including audio recordings for meditation/ Hit the Pause Button practices, a new “Don’t Try to Lead with Your Mind Full” 5-module course and more from the new Inspired Leadership Pause Pub and other eye-opening best practices and resources to be shared.

module 1 (1).png
  • Celebration: Do yourself and the world a favor by starting with a Celebration Inventory.

  • Review the prior year: coming from an encouraging, applauding, generous energy. Imagine a character that believes in you, helping with this review, generously emphasizing the value or learning gains or positive growth framing of it all.

module 2.png
  • Disappointments [to transform into true Desires]

  • Spy on yourself; review the year considering habit patterns.

  • Take an honest look at how your calendar may be running you (exec assistant scheduling, et al) or are you really consciously choosing?

module 3.png
  • Success Inventory, Getting down to your Blank Canvas underneath a lifetime of inherited influences, false dream distortions that have accumulated as your picture of success, like layers of paint, images, assumptions (whole history, not just 2018).

module 4.png
  • Beware of Identity Theft: Who/what inside of you is trying to run you?

    • What energy are you coming from? What are you feeding? What’s fueling you?

      • Outer What to Inner What spiral

      • Inner Board of Directors: Three primary energies. Gain game-changing awareness and self-mastery over time.

      • Diving deeper to discover root causes; limiting, false programming to dissolve and allow update, upgrade in your system.

        The three Power Questions:

        o   What energy am I coming from?

        o   Why am I here?

        o   What’s my most important job?

    • Clear the way for Visioning to come from clearer, higher energy not hidden bugs in your inner programming, etc.

  • Incompletions, Habitual Thinking & New Freedom

  • Releasing Ritual; What we create for you individually or as a group can be simple, and very powerful: Take quality time to reflect on the thoughts and feelings that may be “clogging up” your energy- keeping you tethered to old plans and stories.

module 5.png
  • Conscious Creating

    • 2020 Vision! Best possible sight-setting.

    • Explore various ways of visioning

    • 2019 Vision, Top Inspiring Intentions.

    • Find your unique, game-changing questions

module 6.png

    • How operationalize this?

      • Morning Fuel/ Launchpad daily

      • Hit the Pause Button during day

      • End of day celebration, continuous awareness…

      • Other: smart set up, accountability, new tribe, so on…

PLEASE NOTE: The above content, details and order are subject to change in the actual course flow and coaching in the moment with each individual and our group. We will be open to co-creating this, adding value and finding the just right teaching, tools, integration homework and feedback for what’s serving best as we go!

(Or 3 Payments of just $319)

When you enroll in this coaching group you’ll receive a thank-you confirmation email with details about the weekly modules.

If you are interested in the 3-payment option…
please email brenda@marianbaker.com and she will get you all set up!

Would you prefer working this program privately with Marian?

It might help to hear a few client experiences in this journey:

1)  Working with Marian has simply transformed my life. She has helped me unearth my mission of creating positive social impact. She knows how to bring out the greatness in me. She has superhuman EQ and is intrinsically motivated to inspire her clients. She has a delightful way of gaining understanding of what makes me tick, what my inner most intentions are and what obstacles may be impeding my progress. She "gets" me.  She sometimes knows me better than I know myself. She nudges and supports me, more importantly, she knows how to effectively challenge me. Why do I especially love coaching calls this time of year with Marian that are focused on planning for the future? I am predominantly a left-brained, linear thinker.  Marian has the unique ability to tap my right brain, creative side. This dramatically transforms the nature of my energy and thinking around planning and creating an inspiring vision of the future. For example, in a recent call with Marian, I progressed from contemplating another boring business plan template to an energizing outline to "Fuel My Inner Warrior Mission for this year"...and began the exciting process to articulate my "2020 Vision."  Marian rocked my world!   -Bob A.

2)  Every day I get to experience the sweet satisfaction of doing work that I love, and it makes me smile.

At a certain point, I was able to see the truth (lie) of my situation because my life was so off kilter. And with that tah-dah came the realization that I might need help.

I am now better prepared for challenges and ability to create more joyful flow with work, colleagues, family and friends.

Marian’s ability to drop the clutter and fortify the foundations of your innermost wishes and desires is brilliant. She has experience, knowledge, all the coolest tools, and a boatload of heartfelt compassion for those of us in the trenches. You couldn’t ask for a better partner through the thick and the thin.

I get a safe place to bounce ideas around. Imagine being able to say your wildest thoughts and dreams and not worry about being judged!

There is now someone in my life who is working for me. My coach listens, and listens, and challenges, and pokes, and prods, and then whoosh I’m are off to the drawing board as a flood of ideas take shape.

Who would have thought I’d have such a consistent partner, champion, guide and expert

working with me to bring the best possible solutions and opportunities, and encouraging me to step up on the stage and take that chance?

Each little success has me feeling good, balanced and whole about my work; that it really is “Life”.

I know that Marian loves what she does, it comes through in every call we have. After much work, I too love what I do as my livelihood, and it’s great to experience the possibilities that are an outpouring of the creative energy we generate together on a coaching call. It’s magic.

I’m keep coaching to keep those possibilities and opportunities growing.  - S.S.

3)  This experience was such a powerful vision quest. Marian has a unique way of partnering with her clients. She was right there with me, guiding me along and waiting for the time to ask pertinent questions that moved me forward. And, then there was follow up and homework to keep me on my path. I even had the amazing surprise of her singing me thru a part of the process; that was a special treat, one in which words escape me. But the sound of her voice held me and surrounded me, allowing me to find more of myself coming through. Isn't that something we all need more of?  – Elaine U.

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