Namaste + Yay = the grateful, celebrating, inspired, positive, best self Yay in me bows to that in you!


“I read the news today, oh boy.” There can be so much negativity and stress these days, hmm? Some comments on social media can dwell on pointing fingers and complaining more than compassion and lifting each other up into our greater potential joy and what might be possible! Our brains are wired for a negativity bias. Modern media likes to stir up stir up drama that might be entertaining, but not nourishing for our nervous systems and inspired leadership. The good news is that we can fuel what we want to cultivate. Attention + appreciation = the experience we create for ourselves. What we appreciate appreciates. The normal human conditioning to drift toward glass half-empty, not good enough and accentuating problems (because the untrained mind is a problem-solving machine creating problems to keep itself employed) is so insidious. This NamaYayste practice may appear on the cute side, but actually can cultivate your badass tenacity to build strength, resilience and intelligent optimism. I think we may need even more of this as we approach a new 2020 Vision.


So, let’s co-create a space to exchange Namaste + Yay. Have fun sharing a NamaYayste bow (or high five, or clink glasses, or hip bump or whatever feels fun); to give and receive some positive fuel; something you’d love to celebrate, appreciate, express gratitude, and such. What a wonderful way to Hit the Pause Button, fertilize your best and be a source of inspired potential for others! (Thus when a part of you goes, I don’t have time for this stuff, consider how it could be a brilliant investment with amazing ROI for truly “hard” issues and missed opportunities.)


  • Pause, breathe.

  • Find something in you that wants to be expressed as a celebration, gratitude, etc. You might even try by starting with “Oooh”….I want to celebrate that… :-)

  • Text to a friend/colleague, etc. (create a text buddy agreement for a daily exchange)

  • Or take a moment to verbally exchange with someone

  • Experiment with NamaYayste opening or closing to meetings.

  • Let this become a daily dose habit.

  • Post it here by…HMM- could be blog comments or link to LinkedIn or fb group or ??

WHAT (menu of ways or you could do combo plates of two of these):

  • I am celebrating___________ (about the day, your life, something that went well at work, so on.)

  • I am grateful for ______________

  • What I love about today/my life/myself in this moment is…

  • I appreciate ______________ (about someone else, or something you appreciate about yourself or both).

  • I am inspired by _______________

  • I enjoyed bringing my best today when…

  • Any other (relatively short, easy to exchange quickly) positive Yay to share and spark that energy in others.

    Consider how this energy exchange will feel, and the longer term impact of this daily dose over time. How much will this cost? Nothing. How much time? A few minutes. Could this help you make more money? Be less enslaved to your default inner critic or comparing yourself to others or a million other derailments? Might it help you accomplish more creative productivity in less time by shifting into a more encouraging flow state? You decide, oh wise one. :-)

    The Yay in me honors and celebrates the Yay in you. I see and encourage the best potential in you, in our workplaces, in our relationships and in our world. I nurture and celebrate that in myself and in my business and life today.


If it’s been a lousy day, lean into finding something to celebrate or be grateful for. I’m not saying be in sugar-coated denial, but use this NamaYayste practice for daily fuel of some sort of appreciation, no matter what. [Sometimes, perspective is wasabi-up-your-nostrils clarifying. If you have food in your fridge, a bed to sleep in and a roof over your head, you are better off than 83% of the world population. I’ve had moments of feeling so sorry for myself and then a man with no legs rolls by in his wheelchair.] Share gratitude about things we might take for granted. Find qualities to celebrate in yourself regardless of outer circumstances or what you think someone else might think. Imagine the most generous champion character (loves you, wants the best for you) chiming in. If the day really sucked or an old wound got horribly triggered and your inner wobbliness is feeling especially fragile, imagine the most unconditionally loving energy celebrating how awesome you are (or let a deeper, illogical divine mothering sort of infinite Love NamaYayste you). I’ve also called that NamaMamaste, for the inner child in me bows to the inner child in you. :-) If you like that, hug the hurt inner child in each other and enjoy the jubilant joyful inner children in each other, too!


Giving positive encouragement or feedback to another will also stoke your own fire. (It is in giving that we receive is pretty darn true.) Stretch to “sponsor the good” in others. Imagine being in a meeting and notice the 80% that you don’t like and the 20% that was great (e.g. of what someone said). Consider highlighting the 20% that you’d love more of; saying, “I really appreciated when you…” Where our attention goes, energy flows. We get to choose to complain or celebrate, gripe & gossip, or generate gratitude. Where do you want to encourage your attention to go? What we focus on expands. Yay.

I would love to hear your comments, suggestions, and inspirations!


Let there be more Yay in the world, and let it begin with me!