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More Ways to Hit the Pause Button


Please enjoy these inspired leaders tributes as another way to pause. You could take in one quote/ leader at a time, breathe and let this be a mindful minute or more to inspire the leader in you.

Don’t become a slave to technology – manage your phone, don’t let it manage you.  - Richard Branson

Don’t become a slave to technology – manage your phone, don’t let it manage you. - Richard Branson


There’s something extraordinarily efficient about music to shift one’s state of being. When teaching a group of people, I’ve experimented with music and body movement as a demonstration of how our energy is shift-able (playing different kinds of music and letting your body and whole self be influenced by that). You need never be stuck in a victim relationship with your mood, energy, or what some might call your vibrational frequency. You have the power to shift. I’m not suggesting that you suppress how you really feel! There are times for sitting still with all of your emotions, or diving deeper into inner programming and alchemy. AND there are times when boogying around the block (to get you in a calmer, cleaner, higher, more confident, inspired energy state) for the important meeting is the smartest thing you can do, right? Imagine a relaxing soother, or an uplifting anthem. Consider binaural If music helps you to sit still, great use it. If it helps to get you into a better flow state for and fuel creative juices, awesome. Keep finding what works for you for what, when. Here are just some tastes to try and stimulate your playlist.

If I had to select one piece of music to calm my whole nervous system or prevent road rage, this is it. :-)

I was in a group of consultants sharing practices for shifting state of being- deep shadow work and such. On that day, this was my contribution. :-) Try it! A few minutes of dancing & absorbing the essence of this timeless gem can be a very efficient hit the pause button to reboot and remind you of who you are and what your life can truly be!

Try this brilliantly simple, fun, and dare I say potentially life-changing app. :-) Dance Break will randomly pop up on your phone with an energizing track and you can take a spontaneous de-stress with people around the world regardless of time-zone, language, political leaning, gender orientation, age or race. I once did this in the middle of the night (yep, sprang out of bed in my skivvies) on a balcony, at an airbnb in Athens, Greece. Instant Joy. :) What a concept! If an apple a day keeps the doctor away- what could a dance a day do for us?

Don’t Stop Dancing Now

“They ask us for the Dancing Doc,” said a neuroscience unit nurse. “Tony lightens up every room he walks into. A kid that hasn’t smiled in days, smiles.” Wow, what a great example of a paradigm shift in good medicine flowing through this man. And not losing that magic of childhood essence might apply to busy business leaders even more. What do you think? Shall we bust a move?

On a Different Wave Length …

Binaural Beats ( an emerging soundwave therapy) is another way to experiment in our lab. I smiled at one comment on YouTube: ”It's like someone telling you "everything’s going to be okay," but it's music.“ You can easily find free binaural beats offerings to test online as you wish.

Happiness Frequency - Serotonin, Dopamine and Endorphin Release Music.



Please enjoy these Quick Sips; quotes & such as a way to pause, breathe, and drink in the potential gift of awareness from a few minutes of contemplation. You could use this as a daily jolt of inspiration in the morning, and afternoon tea break or night cap. These could also be a great way to begin a time of sitting in silence. Option- journal a bit after that. Unplug, read, sit, write. You’re invited to digest these slowly, savoring each sip.

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