I want to meet you somehow, rather than just the typical "About" bio. I ask my deepest heart what it wants for you. What comes in this moment is for you to know that there are amazing possibilities beyond what our conditioned minds contain. What do you want? (Or, pause and have fun with What does your deeper-higher self want?) Imagine a Future Self seeing the absolute best that could be for your life, work, impact, prosperity, joy. What does that energy really want? 

Jedi Trainer, Chief Inspiration Officer and the Queen of Powerful Questions. These are all names people have used to describe what I do. Credentials-wise, we can add... 

  • Named one of 50 top executive coaches in America,

  • Award-winning author of Wake Up Inspired

  • Master certified coach

  • Speaker at Google, Kellogg, University of Chicago, Conscious Business Network, Impact Engine Startup Incubator, Leadership conferences and such. And we both know that is not the whole story of who I am. That you are not your title or history or 5-year plan either.

Are you ready to explore Who am I? Why am I here? like never before?

What’s calling you? I promise you that if you are willing to play in this sandbox with me, I will fall into a kind of fierce Love with you, become your devoted Champion, and together we will discover new ways of letting the inspired Truth set you free. We want to fuel growth that makes all the difference in the world for how you experience & enjoy showing up in life, and ultimately, all the difference for the world because of you. (Let "world" be whatever contexts matters to you!) 

In the nitty gritty of coaching conversations, Inspired Leadership Lab curriculum, group programs, etc. we'll also dive into the pragmatic priorities and tasks of navigating your days. We always want to connect the profound and the practical for optimal flow.

How did I get here?

Once upon a time my life appeared as a smash success from the outside looking in. But something kept waking me up at 3 am, imploring, Is this all there is? So I pried my white knuckles off that culturally encouraged lucrative corporate ladder and took a leap, not knowing where I might land. Since 1996, I’ve had the privilege of coaching accomplished achievers to help them wake up inspired into their Authentic Self, and better lives, livelihoods & leadership.  That blossomed into an author-speaker-teacher journey I never could have imagined. 

In the past five years, my best friend-beloved brother died, and I went from broken-hearted to breaking open. A new Yes would not take no for an answer. It called me to leap again beyond perceived safety or sensible strategy, with a move from Chicago to California, new awakenings, and conscious uncoupling of a wonderful 25-year love story (to set us free and forge a beautiful new friendship). Some fascinating plot twists ensued. Heavenly bliss took a shocking left turn and became a perfect catalyst for more letting go, transformational alchemy growth work, and rebirthing. Conscious & Mature. Humility & Power. Fierceness & Fun! Oh, yes, let's never forget fun. :-)

It all invited me to embrace "inner deeper" exploration and "higher outer" vocational callings and the great work of our time with fresh eyes, bold heart, humbled mind and super-charged soul. I rejoice in finding and sharing new ways to awaken and mobilize your greatest potential.  

I'm now appreciating that what Love wants FOR us must be well-filled before trying to fuel what Love wants from us (e.g. showing up authentically & effectively, serving greater good, higher mission). The more we are willing to be curious, courageous, and fully alive, we get to wake up to our True Self. To let go, to leap. I am excited about the new depths of inner energy mastery that are available now, and have created and curated new tools for us in the Inspired Leadership Lab. This feels like the true third act or "mission 3.0." I am thrilled with the new leaders I get to work with and the new possibilities about how we actually do get to be the change in this next adventure.

Do you feel something pulling you? I wonder if we are being invited to go where no man has gone before. Shall we go for creating that new world together? We can start with helping you wake up inspired and be able to say Yes to your greater self and 3.0 mission. 

I am always interested in new conversations about what it takes to live with joy, inspired leadership, the evolution of integrative business, & healthy, sustainable success. I've enjoyed connecting at Wisdom 2.0 conference in San Francisco, and Conscious Capitalism in Chicago & Philadelphia.. I was invited to speak to a group inside of Google and a Palo Alto startup, and a new conscious business magazine just did a feature interview. I am excited to bring Wake Up Inspired energy to a new conversation about inspired leadership with you privately & confidentially, your team, business, or community gathering. It's easy to reach me at Marian@MarianBaker.com. 773 552 4511. 

OK, for the part of our brains that wants more bio data, here we go:

Marian is profiled in the book, The Art and Practice of Leadership Coaching: 50 Top Executive Coaches Reveal Their Secrets. She’s been featured on ABC-TV, PINK magazine Expert Blog, Chicago Tribune, and more. She’s also co-author of the Awakening Corporate Soul: High Performance, High Fulfillment workbook.

Called "The Queen of Powerful Questions" by a leader of Coaches Training Institute, she specializes in equipping today's growth-seeking, conscious professionals to transform the way they create sustainable, fulfilling success and be a new kind of Inspired Leadership for our evolving future.

Her Inspired Leadership/Integrative Success model & practices are shaped by the privilege of coaching real lives, week by week, since 1996, and decades of study with game-changing thought leaders. Clients value her holistic approach, blending the best of mind-body-spirit principles with pragmatic tools and concrete actions. She loves this work, admires her clients and falls asleep grateful.

She's working on a new book/programs for the next evolution of Inspired Leadership.

Her earlier book, Wake Up Inspired; Fuel Healthier Success and Love the Life You're Meant to Lead has earned 5-star reviews on Amazon as well as National Book of the Year awards.

Marian has inspired & equipped many lives and missions through her coaching, workshops, leadership retreats and speaking for clients such as: 

Google • Kellogg • University of Chicago • Conscious Business Network •Kraft Foods• Impact Engine Startup Incubator •Athena International Leadership Summit •Soroptomist International Leadership Conference • Loyola University Women's Leadership Conference •Leo Burnett • U.S. Government, Department of Education • Ernst & Young •Galileo International • Sara Lee Foods • Grainger • Nalco Chemical Company • CBRE Global Commercial Real Estate • Professional Women's Club of Chicago • Albert Einstein Healthcare Network • American Express • Elmhurst Health Care Systems • Network of Women Entrepreneurs • Northwest Business Network • MetCap Bank • W.I.S.E. (Women in Spiritual Evolution) • Infinity Foundation •American Association of University Women • YWCA Leadership Conference • The College of DuPage Executive Development Network • Illinois Women's Chamber • Moravian College • University of Chicago Women's Business Group • Spirit of Leadership Conference and more