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Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose. - Yoda

What are we going to say here? We need to look at Inspired Self 3.O and Women’s New Paradigm Lab and maybe other inspired leadership coaching pages to consolidate/ update for a clear offering for 2019 for Leadership coaching/ group/ other. Make this a compelling Invitation page to engage with call with M or group call or ? that then leads to coaching-group-community membership?

What’s runnning you?
Thus, what is trying to run your life and your business?


Imagine waking up…??

Wake Up Call & Vision 2020!

Feature Leaders who pause… and core ingredients of how to be the new paradigm leadership, how your life becomes a GIFT to yourself and the world. Get inspired, get equipped here ________sign-up for Call/ group Pause/ X?

Tie into Year end/ New Year kick off.

Compassionate Leadership Ambassador: Jeff Weiner

Mindful Leadership Ambassador: Marc Benioff

X Leadership Amabassador: Scott Kriens


Consider the word, Authenticity. It seems to be becoming a buzzword for the kind of leaders and conscious human beings we need to be in today’s ever-changing climate (business and planet) and how to be the change and all that. What the heck does it mean to be your Authentic Self? Authenticity comes from the roots Author and Authority.

“We need wise leadership that honors the sacred rather than subconsciously run by the scared and scarred.” - anonymous

A smart Pause enables us to meet the ten thousand things

Walking up the mountain, you can’t really know what is ahead. Your calling is the echo of what calls you to keep going higher. To really do the great work of our time we need to tap into the transpersonal resources; infinite intelligence, not just the default of reactive conditioned programming. So, your great work is to mine your own inner power; to go on a new kind of expedition for the gold. This requires alchemy. being willing to go through some difficult discovery of buried wounds and old beliefs getting in the way of your superpowers getting to come out to play. :-)