Below is a new audio of just the "Ceremony" for anyone to use as a guided journey exercise:

On January 20th, we had wonderful gathering around our first virtual conscious leadership campfire. If you RSVP'd/ participated, you have access to a recording of that group call. Thank you everyone for all of your rich contributions. 

Inaugurate a New Inspired Chief Inside Yourself.

Set your life on fire and hang out with people who fan your flames. -Rumi

  • the beginning or introduction of a system, policy, or period.
  • the formal admission of someone to office.
  • a ceremony to mark the beginning of something.

Dear Friends,

January 20th is Inauguration Day in the U.S.  Whatever perspective you hold about the upcoming shift in leadership, whatever may be stirring "out there" or inside our busy brains or tender hearts, the good news is that we have a choice of how we get to respond. 

Let's take advantage of this day to inspire what we’d love to consciously choose to inaugurate, starting within ourselves, and then cheering each other on, celebrating how we could be the change we’d like to see in the world. :-) This will be a sales-pitch free space for us to connect in a deeper heart-centered energy, accelerate feelings of clarity and renew inspired confidence.

What would your Inspired Self love to inaugurate on this potent day? 

Join us for an inaugural conscious leadership campfire call, where you can purposefully choose how you invest your attention and energy on this day. Imagine a guided "Inauguration Ceremony" to ignite your YES with a new Inspired Chief inside of you. We'll create a non-judging space for honestly facing and welcoming feelings, and then let your deeper purpose and higher callings inspire who you want to be, what you really want to create or stand for, and what you get to bring into the new year.

Have fun with a swearing-in of your inner champion, encouraging your gifts and "most important job," and greater possibilities. What seat of power shall you choose to come from to infuse your days with enjoyable flow and effective impact?  

We'll enjoy some laughter, and discover what we each truly want to inaugurate going forward. And don't assume this will be more hard work and leaping tall buildings in your cape. Sometimes, the best choices are to slow down, reboot, and nourish yourself more so that your life can be a gift to the rest of us. 

What could you choose to inaugurate at this time?  

How do we have fun with evolutionary growth opportunities calling us forth? What does Love/Truth/Wisdom want to inaugurate in this new era of paradigm-shifting potential? What do you really want? What do you need to flourish more?

On this call you will:

  • Explore perspectives, gain insights into claiming this day (and year) as a catalyst for evolutionary growth.
  • Experience a guided process of your own “Inauguration Ceremony” 
  • Gain support & fellowship in what matters most to you.
  • Renew your inspiration & leave with empowering next steps. 


We know that people’s viewpoint, reactions and feelings on this day are varied and important.  It’s all welcome to this party. This call is not intended as a debate about what’s going on politically out there. The purpose of this call is primarily to look inside ourselves, and to feel good about inaugurating the deeper "YES" that inspires your momentum forward. We are genuinely inspired to gather and ignite conscious intentions with you on this occasion in history, that may have a rippling effect well beyond this gathering.

There may be parades and protest rallies going on. We bow with respect to many voices. Imagine our new campfire that is not coming from old story angry activism, or silent candlelight vigil, but an open-heart and curious-mind experience that fuels us to be Love in action, starting with the power of unconditional Love inside of yourself.

Join us!  

Attend Live Call or Access Recording

Friday, Jan 20, 2017

12 Noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)

60 minutes & After party optional

Attire: Come as you are


We look forward to showing up for this call wholeheartedly with you. Please pass this on to others who value conscious intention creation and would enjoy being at this campfire. Thank you.


Marian Baker & Beth Scanzani


Marian Baker

Chief Inspiration Officer

Named one of 50 top coaches in America, award-winning author of Wake Up Inspired, catalyst for transformational leadership development & inner energy mastery Jedi trainer :-) 


Beth Scanzani

Purposeful Proponent for inspired inauguration

Trusted guide, teacher and mentor for conscious evolutionaries