Pause Pub Short Course; Don’t Try to Lead With Your Mind Full

Module 1:

  • Read Pause Pub pages: Hit the Pause Button, Pause Pub Welcome, Clear the Way and this Module 1 “First Day…” below.

  • Listen to the audio

  • Homework:

    • Get clear on YOUR “Compelling Why” to start (this can and likely will change over time). It’s very intentional that the first module starts with Why rather than diving into How, and having you meditate right away. I’d be delighted if you spent a week contemplating the power of pause and what matters most to you before you force yourself into a new habit. Challenge yourself to clarify the myths, excuses and personal resistance that might get in the way (e.g. I don’t have time & this is personal or “soft”).

    • After suggested reading and listening, fill in these blanks:

      • I am more aware of ____________. I promise myself ____________.

First Day in a New School of Thought

Good morning, class :-) Let’s breathe, shall we? Let’s start with some agreements (you know how groups often start with this, and someone says things like confidentiality or no advice-giving and we raise our hands like good little boys and girls). Consider these “permission slips” please:

  1. You don’t have to still your mind.

  2. You don’t have to shave your head.

  3. You don’t have to sit still.

  4. You don’t have to close your eyes.

  5. You don’t have to find a guru or be spiritual or let someone’s karma run over your dogma.

  6. You don’t have to figure out how to be in the present moment or try to control what is happening when you meditate.

  7. You don’t have to be a good boy or good girl. :-) (Actually, you’ll be encouraged to not perpetuate that if it’s been a subconscious, self-sabotaging pattern in ways, so stay tuned for that exploration.)

  8. You don’t have to be in tranquil silence, in pretzel leg position, burning incense in a temple. (A busy airport might be a great practice lab- we’ll explore why together.)

  9. You don’t have to feel great after you’ve meditated.

    Want an even longer list? Here’s an article with 34 misconceptions.

  10. You don’t have the read the long article. :-)

  11. You don’t have to meditate!

There are levels of the benefits and practice of pause. It includes meditation/ mindfulness practices, yet can also refer to inspired leadership work, coaching, a thoughtful, awareness-shifting group & homework, deeper inner re-programming, a time-out or transition in your life, and vital strategic considerations for your business. Underneath all of that, there’s a pause that prevents limited beliefs perpetuating accidental self-sabotage and missed opportunities and liberates your best self and all that could flow from that. The Victor Frankl quote bears repeating:

Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space lies our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom.

Sadly, too many bright achievers fall into the pursuit of busyness rather than smart stewardship of their true business.

In your willingness to PAUSE, you are redirecting that energy (e.g. from inertia to inspired action). You are tapping into a real power that can unleash your greater potential, fulfillment, prosperity, impact and pragmatic effectiveness every day.

The inner deeper fuels the higher outer.


From quiet reflection will come even more effective action. - Peter Drucker


“Extra Credit” Homework :-) Powerful Questions:

  • Consider the pole vaulter metaphor. What is a high bar that is a tangible aspiration for you? Name something about who you want to BE in addition to what you want to do.

  • How often and how well do you hit the pause button already? Score 0-10. What number would you like to be honoring and what could that look like? This could include meditation as well as quality strategic pauses, coaching conversations, physical exercise or other ways of “mastering your energy” to be at your best.

  • Read the paragraph on the Hit the Pause Button page about freedom (excerpt repeated below). What does this stir up for you? What are your own possible inner voices and outer constraints? What could your fully unleashed, Authentic Self be up to? What do you really want?

In my deepest heart, this is what I want to share with you; freedom. Freedom from the self-punishing and performance-pushing voices in our heads (especially the ones you are not fully aware of trying to run you). Freedom from the cultural constraints insidiously suppressing you from being your best self and enjoying the life you are meant to lead. Freedom to be the instrument you are uniquely here to be. We need your aliveness and your no-more-avoiding authenticity unleashed and
we want you to be happy.

Module 2:

  • Listen to the audios, then reflect on the homework questions that intrigue you while capturing some early insights. You could journal or walk and talk into a recording app on your phone or such.

Often people attempt
to live their lives backwards;
They try to have more things, more money,
in order to DO more of what they want
so that they will be happier.

The way it actually works is the reverse.
You must first BE
who you really are,
then do what you need to do,
in order to have what you want.

-Margaret Young

Homework/ Powerful food for thought:

  • Consider the reverse engineering concept of how to set yourself up to unleash your greater potential rather than perpetuate unintentional mediocrity or creating your own suffering (oops!)

    Let the following questions linger rather than be answered quickly. These may not make perfect sense to your logical, efficient brain right away. :-)

    • Feel the default “outer what” question, What do I/we want to accomplish/ need to do? and the root cause, game-changing “inner what” question, What energy am I coming from? [What’s trying to run me from the inside of my operating system? What power source am I coming from?]

    • Where is your attention? Has your attention been seduced by the culturally-encouraged ways of attempting to get and achieve more and try harder in order to be happy and successful? What might this be costing you and your business?

Powerful Questions:

  • Where is your attention?  What are you digesting? What score (0-10) might you give your “morning fuel” for how this sets you up first thing to come from your best self and greatest potential?

  • Consider your own unique relating to those default pernicious questions “Am I OK?” and “What do I need to do?”

    Begin to spy on yourself about what may be in your inner conversations. Just notice. Remember infinite compassion and curiosity. We’re not trying to fix anything nor make anything wrong here. Just notice with non-judging awareness as much as possible for now.

    Be curious about insidious self-punishing, self-sabotaging voices vying for your attention inside your head, even if you think you are super self-aware and have already ”tamed” these. If you are an evolving leader, chances are there are deeper subtle “bugs” lurking in your conditioned mind self-talk. This is not a problem! It’s actually a portal to your greater success- which is a fascinating conversation beyond the scope of this short course. Just let your awareness be curious for now.

  • Imagine us connecting and you feeling met, and seen for who you really are and encouraged to be open to greater possibilities beyond what your limitation mindset has been telling you so far. Imagine a great champion that cares about you and wants the best for you standing in front of you, genuinely pausing and saying, “I see you.” Take this in in a way that changes who you know yourself to be becoming and are willing to reveal to yourself and ultimately the world.


Module 3:

  • Listen to the audios, then reflect on the homework questions

Homework: Simply practice this bring back muscle skill, noticing “Where is your attention.”