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Meditation gatherings are 30-minutes, by phone, come as you are at your convenience and comfort to learn, renew or deepen your meditation practice, thus fuel your inspired, best self.  Each call will be a new space for us to practice “sitting” as a group, as there is a definite value-added effect of pausing together! At this time, we are delighted to offer these at no cost.

Past Events (recorded):

  • October, 2018 (excerpt from invitation): I had the privilege of speaking at a conference last week with leaders really up to high goals for better lives, business & world. I can't think of anything more important to fuel healthy, sustainable success than Hit the Pause Button. The conference described the session as inner power for outer potential. This is a small (powerful :-)) group, invite only- so your presence counts. I am really excited about pausing together with some evolving leaders and wonderful human beings. 

    From quiet reflection will come even more effective action. - Peter Drucker

Recording notes: Gaps in audio at 4:24- “The master pole vaulter knows the secret… it’s the quality and depth of his PAUSE that’s going to have him take flight, clear that high bar and win the whole…” At about 18:33 - imagine a third current that is like an embodied conduit of the water (metaphor for infinite power-potential). It’s pretty funny that this is where the audio blipped, thus requiring me to emphasize these points here! We did not record the group discussion afterwards to honor the space for privacy of people’s shares, etc.

Meetings; What is the best use of your precious time?

If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be ‘meetings.- Dave Barry

It is funny (or sad) how much time can be wasted in too many habitually scheduled meetings. So, may these Pause gatherings be an antidote to unexamined “have to show up and sit” time. May we gather here to be very intentional about fueling the best use of our precious energy and time. There is a paradox in letting go and sitting still in order to flow forward with greater purpose and prosperity. Pausing here will help you be more selective about what meetings (and other investments of your energy each day) are truly worthwhile and then be more effective in all of your meetings as well!

Meditation and other Pause Pub gatherings will be recorded and shared here. (Some may not be recorded for privacy of group interactions, etc. )

Powerful Conversations

Another way to really hit the pause button is to schedule a private call. What if one new conversation could change the course of your life and business mission?


The greatest possible IMPACT starts INSIDE your inner human operating system.

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