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Mindfulness/Emotional Resilience programs designed (primarily) for the Workplace:

  1. Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute

    I love that the opening line at the SIYLI site is “Unlock your full potential” because that is indeed the invitation and promise of you being willing to hit the pause button! :-) Here’s a taste of original Search Inside Yourself, author Chade-Men Tan and SIYLI CEO, Rich Fernandez (with Peter Weng, Chief Business Officer). I’ve had the pleasure of meeting these fine gentleman, applaud the quality and evolution of their work, and admire what they are up to! Search inside your own self to see if this is a path for you.

  2. Wisdom Labs

    My favorite line here is “You’re not alone.” (HBR reports on a loneliness epidemic for American workers.) Wisdom Labs helps employees build well-being, creativity, resilience and more with things like a new Ambassador program.

    Check out this Wise@Work podcast with Cory Smith, CEO & Co-founder, Wisdom Labs and Scott Shute, Head of Mindfulness & Compassion, LinkedIn. I am delighted to know Cory and Scott as part of Mindful Workplace Movement and bow to the great work they are up to as well. (Click on their names above for a sweet taste of their hearts and minds in recent videos. At 15:30 in Cory’s talk, enjoy a chuckle at his acronym and then go have some cherry pie.)

    “The biggest hurdle I had was myself, that internal talk track that had doubt. Just starting and getting out of our own way is important.” - Scott

    “The possibility of businesses becoming more wise, more compassionate, more mindful, one person at a time and rolling out… is massive influence.” - Cory

    The first iteration of the mindful workplace Playbook Scott mentions in this podcast is available here.

  3. Responsive Intelligence

    RI has served thousands of individuals across sectors including corporations, healthcare, schools, government, museums and community organizations. I’m happy to be newly connected with CEO, Co-founder Daniel Sunshine and appreciate the quality of his commitment to changing lives with neuroscience informed mindfulness and social emotional learning programs from a deep well of consciousness and fun spirit.

  4. Living Well Awake

    My favorite line here is “Ready to change the culture of work from meh to amazing!” Carley Hauck, Chief Wisdom Seeker, and her team create unique scientific evidence based programs to restore workplace health, happiness, and collaboration so organizations can flourish with real results and long-term change. I have the honor of Carley becoming a dear friend and respect her dedication to delivering high quality experiences.

  5. Open Deltas

    A great high potential ROI sweet spot offering from Open Delta’s founder & Mindful Millennial Leader, Alexis Pokorny (fun vid with Scott Shute) is mindfulness and sales. I’m a fan of Alexis and her unique flavor of blending inner peace and outer performance. She’s also another pal in the Mindful Workplace Movement. She says, “Everyone benefits from mindful organizations and leading a successful program does not need to be complicated, expensive or time consuming.”

“The mind in its natural state can be compared to the sky, covered by layers of cloud which hide its true nature.” - Kalu Rinpoche

“The mind in its natural state can be compared to the sky, covered by layers of cloud which hide its true nature.” - Kalu Rinpoche

Wake Up Inspired Leadership Lab; Pause Pub at Work

If you’d like my help with smart Hit the Pause Button practices and Inspired Leadership development for your effective leadership mission and workplace, I’d be delighted to discuss that with you. This could range from a simple 30 minute Pause event to coaching and consulting to create a just-right program for your current needs. There’s also free meditation audios, a five-module course, and more available here. We could have fun bringing an Inspired Leadership Pause Pub party to your space, virtually anywhere in the world or face to face in the Bay area for now. I could also refer you to the above Mindfulness consultants, depending on what might serve you best. I’m happy to do a 15 minute (or longer) call.

I’m honored to be on the advisory board of a new Mindful Workplace Alliance, where we have begun to create a Playbook for leaders who see the light of how valuable infusing mindfulness at work can be, and want help with best practices, etc. to actually implement this.

There was no clutter in my mind anymore, and I started to do things at work in a lot less time.
- Heather Hancock, CEO


1) Mindful Leadership Summit, Washington D.C.

2) Wisdom 2.0

Wisdom 2.0 Videos

3) Mindful Leadership Conference, Dawa Tarchin Phillips & Sandra Yancey

4) Mindful Leader & Workplace Summit video collections

5) Wake Up Project, (Australia-based, on holiday, but archived podcasts, blog, etc. still available)

Drawing by Eric Klein

Drawing by Eric Klein

Good news, bad news?

Mindfulness has become a buzzword and some say is in danger of misuse (or soon to be a new brand of “mindful hair conditioner” in a Whole Foods aisle?). Let’s celebrate all the great awareness being stirred up and pause enough to stay alert to substance over fast fakes. Here’s just one article asking sensible questions like, How do we move from hype to effective change? Read more.

Here’s another “good news, bad news” delicate edge with all the buzz about mindfulness these days. There could be a new pressure to be mindful and present all the time. And then start to judge yourself and others for not being here in the present moment. Whatever starts to evaluate and keep score on who’s doing it right (especially yourself)- well, that’s not mindfulness. That might be maliciousness. :-) What a paradox, hmm? So, let’s all take three deep breaths and remember that the point of this is to have more self-compassion and authentic consideration for others, not more competition or trying to turn this into a performance metric. If mindfulness is introduced without that context well set, it can become another source of stress (we’re stressed out about not doing mindfulness well or such). The intention is always about returning to the source of our best self; unconditionally loving, curious, infinitely creative, open and willing.

“Mindfulness is simply being aware of what is happening right now without wishing it were different; enjoying the pleasant without holding on when it changes (which it will); being with the unpleasant without fearing it will always be this way (which it won’t).”- James Baraz

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