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"At the core of existence there is not one single problem or challenge, no resistance, nothing to defend or attack, no guilt or shame. At the very core of every life is the gift of love, love as life, love as expression, love as gratitude." -Rumi

Our coaching relationship will create space for questions we rarely ask ourselves in daily living. Who are you? What do you really want? What really matters? What fuels you? How do you get in your own way? How do you really define success? How will you get there? How does Inspired Leadership want to emerge in you? What’s your impact? Are you in alignment, on path or...? What's possible? What do you really need to be sustained and enjoying this ride?

Each new conversation, we will find the most alive questions to serve your growth.

We hit the pause button wisely to create the most inspired life and business possibilities, not perpetuate busy-ness. 

As coach, I serve as your champion, confidential supporter, healthy challenger, accountability support, sounding board, brainstorm partner and devoted advocate. Sometimes with nurturing compassion, sometimes tough truth or a kick in the bum if that's the highest form of love that really works for what you are wanting, and who you are becoming. 

It’s a unique relationship —unlike any other with friends, co-workers, family, staff, board, etc. who naturally have "agendas" or ways of seeing you. I strive to see through fresh eyes over and over, and have no agenda-- other than to deeply know you, become fascinated with what really works and what doesn’t for you and your mission, and fuel your greatest possibilities. 

I draw from the Co-Active Coaches Training Institute and Hudson Institute models—and many other coaching tools and resources from decades of study with evolutionary thought leaders.  One baseline assumes the client "has the answers,"  and my role is to ask powerful questions to help you arrive at your own insights, choices, etc. So, this is not about advice or business tips consulting. And, there's always room for sharing wisdom, teaching, introducing tools, and brainstorming to facilitate great learning and optimal movement forward.

I have found my calling in this work.  Leaders, entrepreneurs, and other talented coaches, etc. have expressed unexpected praise about the value of this experiment together. We get to celebrate their transformational growth, for themselves and for a greater good, and I am genuinely grateful every day. 

We focus on future possibilities, not past mistakes. Unlike therapy or consulting, coaching understands the client to be healthy, powerful and have the innate expertise and willingness needed to achieve his or her own goals. You are responsible for your own results and, as always, your return depends on your personal investment.

I will encourage you to become your best self and applaud your new awareness and accomplishments, large and small. I will be there in the difficult and darker times, too- inviting you to be compassionate with yourself, heal, and learn the lessons. Then I will remind you of your strengths, gifts and possibilities. I will help you to reach your own insights and challenge you to reach higher. We will equip you to wake up inspired and fall asleep grateful and proud. You will gain principles and tools for fueling healthy, joyful mission success, while cultivating confidence in your own mastery all along the way.  

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  “Asked for a conservative estimate of the monetary payoff from coaching, managers described an average return of about six times what the coaching had cost their companies.” - Fortune Magazine, Executive Coaching With Returns a CFO Could Love

What if you could... 

  • Unleash your potential. Renew or deepen your connection to "who you are meant to be." Clarify values, purpose, vision and how to move forward with effective choices.
  • Reignite passion, learn how to proactively create fulfillment and balance.
  • Develop your authentic leadership. Learn how to bring out the best in yourself and others through sharing your gifts and consciously leaving a legacy.
  • Discover and mobilize the rewarding mission you’re destined to enjoy. 
  • Achieve your heartfelt desires; keep promises you make to yourself. 
  • Get into action with pragmatic support. 
  • Fuel a project or new business idea. 
  • Thrive through a transition.
  • Clear obstacles to your growth, with new ways to tap into your inner wisdom and other sources of positive energy. 
  • Prevent going stale or burnout by coaching for more effective "self-management," renewal and developing your unique style of balance.
  • Enhance career satisfaction and performance by coaching for engagement, focus, smarter goal setting, time management, and self-motivation.
  • Revitalize relationships with your partner, family, friends, bosses, clients, co-workers and community.
  • Enjoy having a champion, sounding board, brainstorm partner, healthy challenger, confidential accountability support and devoted advocate to help you BE and DO what you truly want.


Why should organizations care about waking up inspired? Lack of inspiration is expensive. Consider the cost of uninspired workers who have lost that lovin’ feeling. Notice the deficit of inspired or inspiring leaders, resulting in missed opportunities for growth and profit. 

Consider the costs:


How many of your high-potential and top achievers might jump out of their seats the moment they sense, “You are now free to move about the economy”? 


Note the escalating trend of valuable female achievers feeling out of sync with corporate cultures. 


Replacement costs are always far higher than proactive retention and development of precious human capital.


Stress and illness brought on by not being in sync with one’s true nature and optimal talents. 

Wouldn’t it be smart to equip valued people to wake up inspired and choose
to contribute their best to your mission?

Consider the gains.  We will help you / your employees: 


Unleash greater potential


Create breakthroughs for smarter, healthier, more fulfilling success.


Develop proactive “optimal energy management” habits, in sync with true priorities, thus preventing talent loss and enhancing productivity.


Fuel effective leadership and develop emerging leaders- inspiring themselves and others to contribute their best.


Energize strategic planning and effective teamwork.


Renew Values, Purpose, Vision and move forward with effective choices.


Align passions and natural strengths for optimal work roles and innovation.


Revitalize relationships with colleagues, bosses and clients.


Gain focus, smarter goal setting, self-motivation and accountability support.


Prepare for win-win communication and compelling presentations.


Leverage your most precious asset - PEOPLE- to create the most powerful competitive advantages.