We could uncover superpowers beyond what you currently think.

What if you could have a kind of game-changing support... not a typical business program, not the usual spiritual course or shallow self-help, but an intelligent, Integrative Business approach that infuses "inner deeper" and "higher outer" into what matters most for your optimal growth and true abundance. Imagine a new set of power tools, plus healthy challenges and fierce championing from a master certified coach committed to authenticity & breakthroughs over politeness and comfort zones.  

Consider coaching about priorities, purpose, vision, planning, accomplishing goals, and such. This is helpful and we will certainly include that. And, there's much more value in deeper, transformational growth. Imagine axial shifts in your ability to become the master of your own energy; discern inner drivers and align with greatest potential, transform the derailing factors for your best choices and outcomes. In short, a whole new experience of sustainable, inspired success. A 3.0 upgrade! 

  • Dismantle your "old formulas" for success (we inherited).

  • Challenge cultural norms.

  • Unleash the Inspired Leadership wanting to emerge in you!

  • Find the new fuel and focus to take the next big leap.

  • Enjoy fresh innovation, ways of navigating, relating, communicating.

  • Blend the best of left brain-right brain, masculine-feminine, inner peace-outer performance, higher purpose-healthy prosperity.

  • Turn Passion meets Profit inside out, and discover possibilities you had not imagined before.

  • Realize and mobilize inspired missions.

  • Discover your own deepest resources and capabilities.

  • Fuel greater fulfillment and effectiveness

  • Gain eye-opening insights about "working smart" and "balance."

  • Be an amazing source of inspiration for others to bring out their best.

I am humbled at the privilege of coaching bright, accomplished human beings in the depths of their lives, livelihoods and leadership for more than 20 years. It keeps evolving; realizing the more we learn, the more we need to learn or let go of, open up to.

What does it really take?... 

Our approach to Inspired Leadership is not just about new strategies. It's an axial shift in what motivates, mobilizes and monetizes you and what matters most.  

Imagine the lasting benefits of a renewable energy system for human capital. It has to start inside of you, what is leading your inner operating system. 

Coaching with Marian may be more like Jedi knight training. And then we can explore waking up the Force in your team, organization, and whatever best serves your needs, goals, and greater potential. 

Clients have said they appreciate the blend of the best of mind-body-spirit wisdom and business sensibilities for what's evolving now.

They say, "Marian (coaches with) the mind of a CEO and the nature of a yogi."

A former naval commander/corporate VP says, "I trust that when you recommend something, it's not too woo woo." Toss in my former marketing background (15 years) with holistic executive coaching (since 1996), and we get to have fun with the sacred and rubber-meets-road specifics for the best ride of our lives.  

A curious traveler enters the heart of this man riding high, yet.... 

A story is told of how the sufi mystic, scholar & best-selling poet, Rumi met his spiritual mentor and beloved friend, Shams. The first words out of the traveler's mouth posed a question that would forever change both men's lives. Once upon a time, circa 1244, a man in a black suit entered the marketplace of sugar vendors, vegetable stands, glistening copper pots, barking dogs, vibrantly colored persian rugs and other wares for sale in this liveliness of commerce & community. The curious traveler, Shams, was looking for something, not sure what. He wanted to go beyond the intellectual knowledge of books to the heart of the Infinite, through the heart of man. He finds Rumi, riding high on a horse, amidst his followers. Rumi is reading a book and regards Shams as an uneducated stranger. Shams asks Rumi what he is doing, to which Rumi replies, "Something that you do not understand!" At that moment, the books suddenly catch fire. Rumi is knocked off his comfort zone, asking, What happened?? Shams smiles as he replies, "Something you do not understand." Stunned and intrigued, something began to wake up in the heart of this man, no longer so sure of himself. Rumi knew that no book could teach him what his True Self really wanted. And so began an incredible journey and relationship that has inspired millions for seven centuries and growing. Shams would say to Rumi, "It is a new day. Wake up! How could I, as your friend, allow you to continue living a life of limitation when you know better?" 

I wonder if we, dear reader, are possible friends- starting with a question that will change our lives, and a commitment to not allowing You to live a life of limitation when you know better. I have been knocked off my high horse in ways that have awakened something so fierce in me that I can no longer let you be asleep to your true spirit, your best possible life and leadership. I wonder if your heart is a curious traveler as well, wanting to wake up to a new joy and prosperity beyond spread sheets and immature tips and techniques. Are you game? 

What could we discover if we are willing to play in the field that Rumi and Shams must have explored together? What's possible when we make space for "we do not understand," and come from not already knowing, (without throwing away hard-won wisdom, useful talents). What if we lean into a wholehearted commitment to want to know, and allow the best possibilities to flow forward, for our own well-being, true prosperity, transformed business success, and a better way of life for generations to come. Maybe even centuries. Who knows :-)  

I look forward to a new conversation with you! 


"CEOs should see coaching as a tool for improving their already high performance, a key attribute of being a superior leader...it could help make the difference between a good organization and a visionary one..” - Harvard Business Review






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